The Unexpected Word of the Year

Several years ago I was challenged to pick a word of the year.  You’d think this would be difficult for my type-A, perfectionist brain to do in a short time, but each year the word has come to me so quickly as if dropped in my mind by God himself.

The most recent word was Be.  Be present for my family.  Be in the moment.  Be ready to listen.  Be ready to love.  Be.

For 2018 a word came to me so strongly and suddenly that, I’m not gonna lie, it invoked fear.  Yet the word itself doesn’t allow fear.  Trust.

While I didn’t need the word confirmed to me at all, God chose to do so.  We were driving through downtown Ada on our way to Braum’s for ice cream when Cole started the whole new year’s resolution conversation.

“Are most new years resolutions about losing weight or getting healthy?  I think mine will be to eat healthier,” he said as his nose moved in closer to breathe cloudy puffs against the cold car window.

I challenged him to think of a religious resolution too.  Again, as though God spoke straight to him for me, he said, “Trust God.  I’m going to trust God more.”

So here I am.  The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.  I already trust God, but I’m ready to lean in closer and step out farther into the waters of His word and His plan.


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