What on earth are you doing?

“So, what are you doing?”  

I’m pretty much getting that question these days from friends and family who are scratching their heads & wondering what a typical day or week looks like for me.  And it all has to do with Tom & Jerry and diving boards.  Let me explain.


Have you ever seen an episode of Tom & Jerry, where Jerry is trying his best to run forward and Tom has his tail so he can’t move?  Jerry’s little feet are moving so fast that they look like a blurry wheel in cartoon world.  But he can’t move.

A few years back, I felt like Jerry.  Like someone or something or some idea or some feeling was holding me back.  I couldn’t even figure out what it was at the time, but I knew that I wasn’t moving forward in the way God intended.  The thing was, I was a manager.  I was the trainer.  I was the one people came to for help and for motivation and encouragement.  But they had no clue that I was being held back.

Fast forward a few years.  The company I worked for started sending people to leadership conferences (Kudos to companies that encourage personal growth!).  I attended a small, local event which sparked something inside me.  As though I’d escaped from Tom, I felt ready to see what was around the corner.

Ready, but not released.

Then came the diving board incident.


I’ll never forget it.  I was stuck in an airport, waiting for a delayed flight.  I’d been praying and seeking and growing and wondering and, well, any verb that involves the mind racing, to find out why I didn’t feel a freedom and a release and, really, at peace with the next steps in my life.

What happened then is something I truly believe was from God.  The phrase “on3” was dropped in my spirit.  Now don’t take that literally, but I sure didn’t just come up with it on my own.

Think about this.  If you’re going to move a heavy couch with your buddies.  What do you do?  “On the count of 3, we’re going to lift.  Ready?  1… 2…” and then on 3 it happens.

If you’re going to take a picture, what do you do?  “On the count of 3, everyone smile!  Ready?  1… 2… ” then it happens on 3.

Everything happens on 3.  But just like the little girl, stuck at the end of the diving board, staring at the deep-end water below, we get stuck on 2.

“I’ll jump on 1… 2… 2 and a half… 2 and three quarters…”

She is ready.  She has the little arm floaties on.  Mom is standing nearby, ready to post the first jump to YouTube.  Lifeguard’s eyes are focused.

Ready, but not released.

Released is what happens inside you.  It’s not the preparation, it’s not the support of others.  It’s you.  And until you are released, 3 just won’t happen.

That’s where I come in.  Shortly after that delayed flight, I created On3Ministries for servant-based leaders and churches and On3OnPurpose for businesses and individuals.

So what, then, am I doing?


Through speaking, training and one-on-one coaching, I’m committed to speaking life to others to release them to fulfill their greater purpose.  This could be a group of ladies at a women’s retreat, a congregation on a Sunday night, or someone who contacts me through www.On3Ministries.com for coaching.  I provide weekly encouragement and insight on my Facebook page.  In the near future, you’ll find group Bible studies and interactive lessons posted there as well.

Since 2015 I’ve been traveling around the US, speaking and training on customer experiences, leadership, team building, and communication.  As a part of the John Maxwell Team, I’m also licensed to train on various Maxwell curriculum and am DISC certified.  Pulling heavily from my 20 years in the corporate world, I know training has to be memorable, fun, and new.  To use the words from a few recent attendees of  training:

“Great & interactive.  The best I’ve attended in over 25 years.”
“Fantastic.  I like that she made me think outside the box.”
“I can’t wait to share!”

I also get lots of survey comments that I’m hilarious.  I had no clue… 🙂  You can keep up with me at www.On3OnPurpose.com or through my Facebook page.

Crosspointe Church
Ah, I love my church.  For many years I’ve served as the Director of the First Impressions Team.  That is, quite simply put, right up my alley.  I office from Crosspointe when not traveling with On3 and do all I can to move Crosspointe to its greater calling.  I love it.

So that’s me!  A typical week (well, this past week for example) looks like this:

  • Saturday – family day!  Went to Top Golf with my awesome husband Michael and equally awesome son Cole.
  • Sunday – flew to St. Louis.  Attended a church there to worship and get ideas on how their First Impression Team worked.
  • Monday – Trained on customer experience and communication at a national Missouri-based company for 8 hours.
  • Tuesday – Back at Crosspointe for Leadership and Staff meetings
  • Wednesday – Worked on process improvement at Crosspointe followed by church that evening where I loaded my car down with Cole & so many friends I didn’t have enough seatbelts (shhh… don’t tell).
  • Thursday – A mixture of Crosspointe, training at a local company, and scheduling coaching sessions for the following week.
  • Friday – Prepared content and material for On3.  Also attended a charity event for the Mercy Foundation, of which I’m a supporter and Board member.

So, there you go!  That’s what I do!  I train others to say 3.  I speak life to release others to fulfill their greater purpose with passion.  And I’m so thankful this is my calling!



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